An historic interpretation strategy is being developed as part of the submission. The aim of the proposal is to develop a strategy for on and off site historic interpretation of the building, its architecture, important historic features and rich history.

On-site interpretation will include displaying and celebrating the two important Roman Mosaics and around the building. Opportunities for other types of historic interpretation around the building and external spaces are being explored and may include links to on-line information about the Mineral Hospital’s history. Some interpretation material and the mosaics will be located in areas accessible to the public.

The interpretation for the former Bath Mineral Hospital should:

  • Engage people – engage visitors with the history of The Min, staff and former patients
  • Inspire people – inspire people to find out more about history and the built fabric of The Min, and the people stories around it.
  • Establish sustainable links with other key historic organisations in Bath so that history of the building can be kept alive and incorporated into the wider historic interpretation of the city’s history.
  • Be sustainable – to ensure that the approach to historic interpretation secures a high quality but realistic and achievable solution that can be maintained by the future owners/operators of the hotel into the future
Section of Tesselated Pavement (Mosaic) found on site in 1859
Section of Tesselated Pavement (Mosaic) discovered in 1884 is proposed to be relocated from The Lodge in the garden to a new recreated alcove on the existing wall facing the conservatory.
Proposed Improvement to Public Access - Ground Floor Plan
Proposed Improvement to Public Access - First Floor Plan
Proposed improvements to Public Access - Basement Floor Plan

The attached Plans have been coloured to show the areas that will be available for public access through the commercial operation of the hotel, restaurant(s) and spa.

The Red Asterisk ( * ) highlights potential wall space that could be used to display some of the narrative of the evolution of:

  • The Mineral Water Treatments in the context of a new Spa (corridor)
  • Mineral Water Hospital through the ages (Chapel foyer & Conservatory Access)
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