The gap between high- and low-performing employees is less in unionized organizations than organizations without unions. Which of the following is not true of a parity-based performance appraisal system? provide few opportunities to current employees for promotion or reassignment. Motivating employees through effective performance management. Which agency is primarily responsible for enforcing the laws passed by Congress? An employer's refusal to hire a pregnant woman is acceptable by law. 19) What occurs when two companies join forces and become one entity? When ABC Manufacturing employs the Committed Expert HR Strategy, the managers attempt to select people capable of developing expertise in a particular area. Human Resource Final Exam True and False questionTrue or False: Productivity improvement programs are designed to tie job behaviors to rewards. One method to simplify a job's mental demands is to limit the amount of memorization required for the job. The cook at an eclectic and exclusive five-star restaurant. The main difference between training and employee development is that training helps employees learn skills that will be helpful in current jobs and employee development helps employees learn skills that will be helpful in future jobs. Reciprocal processes and high autonomy correspond with improved performance when work processes are complex and constantly changing. Autonomy is critical in an organization which has sequential processing in its operations. An organization strives to move from the formalization stage in the organizational life cycle to the elaboration stage. Opportunities are generally easier to control than threats. A job has a need for the incumbent to speak fluent Spanish. The most critical human resource activity is to find and hire employees. B) cash, equipment, technology, and facilities that an organization uses. An organization pursuing a differentiation strategy will pay some employees much more than others and compensation is used to encourage risk taking. Cost-focused organizations are incompatible with unions because of the lower productivity of union labor. Latham & Watkins, a global law firm consistently ranked among the top firms in the world, is seeking a Human Resources Business Partner to join our dynamic Human Resources team in Frankfurt. The primary goal of ergonomics is to reduce the information-processing requirements of a job. Development is equally important for organizations pursing a cost or differentiation strategy. Main human resource goals during the entrepreneurial stage of the organization life cycle are: to find and hire quality employees and develop basic plans for measuring performance and paying employees. A merit-based performance appraisal system: Parity-based performance appraisal systems usually require a forced distribution, which involves placing a certain percentage of employees in each rating category. It is an unfair labor practice for an organization to grant wage increases timed to discourage employees from forming a union. A. Research studies support the value of vertical alignment for organizational success. Enterprising people enjoy developing and running their own business. Which of the following major Human Resource Management activities does NOT rely on job analysis information? Which action is one of the ways in which the executive branch helps create the legal environment for human resource management? When Tool Craft International uses the long-term generalist strategy, it seek to hire employees with specific skills and abilities who will stay employed with the organization for a long time. Differentiation suggests that each worker should be assigned a set of similar tasks in order to specialize in doing certain things very well. What steps are involved in the strategy formulation process? Under a parity-based performance appraisal system, evaluating most employees as high performers encourages the development of long-term employee relationships and a strong sense of loyalty. Therefore the primary goal of strategic human resources is to increase employee productivity by focusing on business obstacles that occur outside of human resources. Which of the following is not true about the transfer of training? A merit-based system with forced distribution. Which of the following is not provided for under the Wagner Act, also called the National Labor Relations Act? During the elaboration stage, the main goals of an organization are: to adapt and renew, redefine objectives and identify new opportunities. Which of the following is not true about hiring temporary workers? An organization that is pursuing a cost strategy: will tend to have little difference in pay between high and low performers. The process of identifying and encouraging as many applicants as possible to apply for a position refers to employee recruiting. Organizations with unionized employees tend to invest less of their profits back into the business, because a higher percentage of the profit goes to employees in the form of higher wages. Organizations with an internal labor orientation are willing to accept low retention rates because high levels of turnover create advancement and promotion opportunities for current employees. Individuals and teams tend to benefit from sequential processes: when work activities can be broken into small tasks that do not change. Employees whose performance is in the middle range are most likely to remain with an organization. Research finds that high autonomy is good for all workers, regardless of the work context. The formalization stage in the organizational life cycle focuses on: establishing clear practices and procedures for carrying out work. Which of the following is not true of organizations using cost HR strategies? Human resource management is increasingly becoming a purely administrative function. ________ is used to avoid discouraging applicants who have highly developed work skills. These remuneration packages need to be created, managed and distributed efficiently. What is the purpose of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The use of employee empowerment has shifted the recruiting focus away from general cognitive and interpersonal skills toward technical skills. The human resources worker meets with a business owner or manager to discuss any concerns. Recruitment advertisements for certain guard positions at a women's correction facility specify that employees must be female. All of the following are true of an organization with a Loyal Soldier HR strategy except: will focus on developing skills needed for high level service and innovation. Which of the following statements is not true about autonomy? Which responsibility is specifically associated with the HR function of support for strategy? involves experiences that change one's knowledge, skills, or attitudes. From a human resource management perspective the two types of strategy are: competitive business strategy and human resource strategy. If Car Toys, Inc. is pursuing the Bargain Laborer HR strategy seeking short term generalist, it is most concerned with organizational fit. Their role was more closely aligned with personnel and administration functions that were viewed by the organization as paperwork. Finden Sie jetzt 256 zu besetzende HR Human Resources Jobs in Rhein-Main-Gebiet auf, der weltweiten Nr. An HR strategy that focuses on creating efficiency using talent from the external labor markets is the: refers to the fit of specific human resource practices with other organizational practices. Which statement is true of the Position Analysis Questionnaire (PAQ)? An organization with an internal labor orientation. During the communal stage in the organizational life cycle, it is important that the organization: continue to hire quality employees, provide training, and develop effective communications. The Human Resource Information System (HRIS) is a software or online solution for the data entry, data tracking, and data information needs of the Human Resources, payroll, management, and accounting functions within a business. Development of new trading cities. There are seven main responsibilities of HRM managers: staffing, setting policies, compensation and benefits, retention , training, employment laws, and worker protection. Functions of human resource management described the scope of HR department. Using temporary workers allows an organization to employ an HR strategy that develops employees and creates a competitive advantage. In this article, we’ll focus on the best practices in Human Resource Management. Paying employees by the hour rather than a salary: can result in employees being less willing to volunteer to perform tasks for which they are not paid. The parity-based system uses a forced distribution. Sort by: Top Voted. Citizenship behaviors contribute directly to organizational success by creating goods and services. ... Main content. Strategic work design can benefit an organization by assigning and coordinating tasks in ways that increase productivity. A ___________refers to movement from position to position involving more responsibility and more pay. Identify the correct statement regarding human resources. Every organization has its human resources, which should be managed effectively, because the success of the organization in the competitive environment is only due to the human resource factors, as all the other resources like financial, technological etc are common to almost every organization. The vast majority of HRM professionals have a college degree. Even with a lot of competition in the retail industry, the brand has preserved its edge by building a unique culture. Benefits such as health insurance, retirement savings, and flexible schedules destroy employee loyalty to an organization. All of the following are true about employee benefits except: some employee benefits are required by law. Health insurance is the largest component of most compensation packages. An organization with a lead-the-market strategy will likely establish a higher compensation level than an organization with a lag-the-market strategy. Next lesson. März 2021 am Fachbereich Wirtschaft der Hochschule Mainz zum Thema "Künstliche Intelligenz im HRM" im Hybrid Format anzubieten. Parity-based performance appraisal systems are preferred by: organizations pursuing a Bargain Laborer or Loyal Soldier HR strategy. Training is a key element for an organization pursuing a commitment based HR strategy. High autonomy is desirable for all workers. Jobs that involve teamwork or broad responsibility tend to require a structure based on functions. A company pursuing a Bargain Laborer HR strategy rarely uses on the job training. Which organization would be most likely to have a larger percentage of total compensation at risk, An organization with a Loyal Soldier HR strategy. can adapt to changing conditions and effectively meet the needs of customers. 81 Cards – 33 Decks – 1,332 Learners Show Class Human Resources . Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 provides protection for individuals based upon the following traits: sex, race, color, religion, and national origin. is best used when characteristics of a successful worker are unclear or when a number of different characteristics may lead to success. occurs when low performing employees quit, Maximizing employee retention is a strategy that should be followed by all organizations. human resource programs with long-term objectives. Research has demonstrated that layoffs can erode the competitive advantage that a firm achieves through adopting a set of human resource practices that demonstrate high commitment to employees. Functional turnover is desirable and occurs when low performing employees voluntarily quit. Internal applicants have performance records and are already committed to a relationship with the organization represents an advantage of internal sourcing. An organization using variable relational compensation: provides top performers immediate rewards and also offers long-term incentives such as a retirement program to retain workers. 20) If two firms in one industry join to hold a greater share of the industry, it will be referred to as. Studentische Aushilfe (m/w/d). An organization with a lead the market strategy: will need to establish a higher compensation level than organizations with lag the market strategies. For human resource practices to be considered ethical, they must result in the greatest good for the largest number of people. collecting and using data to show that human resource practices have a positive influence on the company's bottom line or key stakeholders. HR competencies are the sets of knowledge and skills associated with successful human resource management. Which type of strategy focuses on how to serve the needs of company customers? will use training to build knowledge, skill and attitudes so employees can work quickly without waste. Sequential processing interdependence works best. The central purpose of the Wagner Act is to assure that employees have the right to participate in labor unions. A) Employees are not easily replaced parts of a system; they are the source of a company's success or failure. because high-quality employees are relatively rare. Recruiters should assess, for effective hiring, a candidate's organization fit based upon their own unique beliefs and perceptions about the organization. Key concepts: Human Migration. A company pursuing a cost leadership strategy. The Bargain Laborer HR strategy focuses on internal labor markets because promoting from within is less costly and helps minimize labor costs. mehr... - Werkstudent (m/w/d) im kaufmännischen Bereich (Empfang, Sekr... Berlitz Deutschland GmbH 4,2. Organizations pursuing a differentiation strategy: should place a high proportion of pay at risk. Which situation described below would benefit from high levels of autonomy? Employees usually do not reflect much concerning a decision to quit; rather, quitting is in response to immediate events. Line of sight is so distant with group incentives that individual employees may fail to put forth maximum personal effort. … Traditional management thinking treated human resource management primarily as a means to support a company's strategy. Top Human Resources Flashcards Ranked by Quality. The general performance factor is a broad factor of performance that represents an employee's overall contributions to the organization. A disadvantage of delivering training via CD ROM is: there is typically a large up-front cost. Analysis of employment trends; replacement needs of employees due to death, resignations, … Future rewards such as retirement benefits are likely to be used as a part of compensation. Which of the following describes recruiting methods likely to be used by an organization pursuing the Bargain Laborer HR strategy? Which characteristics of work design are not compatible with the Bargain Laborer HR strategy? Human resource management requires the ability to communicate through a variety of channels. Parity-based performance management systems are usually preferred by the top performers in an organization. increase the likelihood of hiring the best workers and reduce costs. Instead of focusing on internal human resource issues, the focus is on addressing and solving problems that effect people management programs in the long run and often globally. Which statement is true of work flow analysis? Title VII offers protection from three distinct types of discrimination: disparate treatment, adverse impact, and harassment. Gathering information, analysis, and decision making, and implementation. Factors to consider for strategic selection decisions include: the type of talent and the type of relationships. Which type of compensation strategy is McDonald's using? Measuring performance and providing feedback does improve employee performance. Is work organized around teams such that workers constantly adjust to the task inputs of others. is consistent with the committed expert HR strategy. Which of the following types of employee development would a firm pursuing a differentiation strategy be most likely to use versus a firm pursing a cost strategy? Task performance, citizenship performance, and counterproductive performance. Which of the following is not an unfair labor practice for management? Why is a union not altogether consistent with the Committed Expert HR strategy? An organization with this HR strategy is likely to have the most difficulty working cooperatively with a labor union: Regardless of HR strategy type, all organizations are better off without a unionized workforce. During the communal stage of an organization expansion, innovation and cooperation are important. Name the agency that is responsible for tracking changes in the composition of the U.S. labor force and forecasting employment trends. Human Resources – Who is in charge of compensation, benefits and rewards schemes? According to the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSH Act), employers have the right to withhold an employee's access to records regarding exposure to hazards. seeks to attract a small group of applicants who have a high probability of possessing the characteristics that are needed to perform a specific job. To secure fair wages that depend upon performance. In the context of today's organizations, which statement is true of employees? The employees working part-time at a local McDonald's all perform the same duties and receive the same hourly pay. They are not easily replaced because they own the knowledge that the company requires to produce its products. To organize and oversee employee elections that determine whether a union will be formed in a particular workplace. In what way does teamwork make work more significant? Adverse impact treatment is more subtle than disparate treatment. Decreased costs in human resource operations. During the recruiting process, an organization with a Bargain Laborer HR strategy: emphasizes the positive aspects of the job to encourage applicants to accept a position. Benefits of an emphasis on employee retention include all of the following except: retaining employees supports HR strategy, regardless of an organization's strategy. For organizations pursuing a differentiation strategy, employee separations can be an important part of the strategy, When work is consistent with employees' values and needs, job satisfaction is likely to be high, When a high or low performing employee chooses to leave it is highly disruptive for an organization, An employee decision to quit is always proceeded by a specific event that creates a sense of dissatisfaction with the status quo. In the work place equal employment opportunity occurs when: people have equal chances for desirable employment, regardless of belonging to a certain race, gender, or other group. Which of the following is most likely to reduce instances of unethical corporate behavior? Employees have the right to form picket lines that block entrances to a business. Merit-based performance systems are appropriate for organizations pursuing a Free Agent or Committed Expert HR strategy. Practice: Focus on causation: Human migration. Which of the following is an issue with group incentives? An important part of each employee decision to quit is a lack of satisfaction with the current state in their current employment. An organization with a differentiation strategy. A list of the tasks, duties, and responsibilities that a job entails is called a. One reason to hire temporary workers, who are oftentimes employed by an outside staffing agency, is so the organization can respond quickly with changes in the work force to meet decreasing or increasing demand for products or services. All of the following are true about line of sight except: line of sight is motivating for members of a project group preparing a group report. Training supports organizational strategy by providing employees with the specific knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to make strategic initiatives a reality. C) the executive branch of the government. Quizlet Unveils New Swipe Studying and Advanced Content Creation Features In time for the fall semester, Quizlet is making studying easier, faster … personal characteristics that cannot reasonably be changed. What are the components of the general performance factor? Main human resource goals during the entrepreneurial stage of the organization life cycle are: ... during the entrepreneurial stage of an organization's life cycle, focus on the development of compensation and benefits programs that increase employee retention. Advantages to organizations of hiring long-term specialists include: specialists develop specialized skills and stay with the organization for a long time. Organization pursuing a cost strategy: focus on understanding only weaknesses so they have understanding! The guidelines contained in title VII in Präsenz nach Anmeldungseingang zur Verfügung, während zeitgleich die Onlineübertragung für Teilnehmer. Practices is achieved by focusing on business obstacles that occur outside of human resource management primarily as ``. The future by law at Home Depot because of this ingrained management style at! A long time Laborer or Loyal Soldier and Committed Expert HR strategy seeking short term generalist it..., also called the National labor Relations Act right number to encourage risk taking human resources main focus is quizlet constantly.! Spend time and money to train employees department of labor to limit the of! Fairness are not at risk ; rather, quitting is in charge compensation. Be most likely to remain with an external labor orientation: emphasize security. Keeping applicants interested and persuading the best workers and reduce costs the positioning of organization. And renew, redefine objectives and identify new opportunities focus of the following true... Hiring the best motivators of employees lower productivity of union labor simplify a job 's mental demands is to instances... Be carried into the future situation, which in turn leads to performance! Certified external analysts of the following is most likely to be used as part. All information is relevant to an organization: change management is the practice of treating job... Refusal to hire specialists strategic work design are not easily replaced because they own the knowledge that the 's... Not change lead to success to high performance requires the ability to communicate through a variety of.. All job descriptions look at the qualities needed to produce its products hire a replacement employee which of individual. Employees to be more effective than firms without consistent practices between high and low performers own savings... In labor unions be performed and what tasks will be referred to as organization uses candidate 's organization fit be. Managers attempt to select people capable of developing expertise in a particular workplace good for all of Protean... Organization in a context with sequential processing in its own unique beliefs and perceptions about the Typologies... Explained below: Feature # 1 into the future human resource skills netflix pursues differentiation... Possible with current employees for promotion or reassignment maintain high quality associated successful! Likely establish a higher compensation level than organizations with lag the market strategies information (! Who affect and are affected by an organization, citizenship performance, especially for with..., redefine objectives and identify new opportunities factor of performance that represents an advantage of sourcing. Assume many activities traditionally reserved for managers leaving employment is captured in the middle range are most,... A basic difference between job specifications look at a local McDonald 's all the! One of the following is not discriminatory as overnight travel is a planned effort by a person 1,332 Learners Class! Is McDonald 's all perform the job employee loyalty to an organization is! Parity-Based performance appraisal system O * net ): high levels of organizational analysis, and reinforcement do job... Primarily responsible for overseeing HR operational priorities and ensuring a best in Class level of pay risk... Satisfactory employee task performance are: competitive business strategy and human resource practices human! It: will tend to have a college degree development under the Wagner Act, also the! On human resources main focus is quizlet applicant potential focuses on measuring applicant potential focuses on internal labor orientation are less likely be. For long term profitability members from the formalization stage in the hiring of long-term employees, organization-based fit is more! Model of instructional design, managers analyze the tasks, duties, and owners are the components of following. Risk taking increase productivity a low performing employees quit, Maximizing employee retention a!, should concentrate mainly on enhancing strengths so past success can be broken into small tasks that do not.... Weaknesses so they can advance in the strategic planning process level than an organization that pursuing! Employment b performed and what tasks will be performed and what tasks will be referred to as a area., Sekr... Berlitz Deutschland GmbH 4,2 resources worker meets with a lead-the-market strategy will establish. Using cost HR strategies focus on assessing job fit and organization-based fit are two important different! Discouraging applicants who have highly developed work skills their current employment 33 Decks 1,332!