Kansas Hunting Tip *“I don’t have anywhere I can hunt” is an undefendable excuse when it comes to ignoring Kansas for any kind of upland hunt. Though the Milford Lake area has plenty of public hunting lands, don't forget about the 1,000,000 acres of private lands in Kansas open to hunters, for free! "Teal, mallards, and even pintails—they're all birds that you'll find on public land. Continue onto Arthur Storey Rd. Most of the acres are in northeast and north-central Kansas. Additionally, Kansas has approximately one-half million acres of Professionally Managed Hunting Facilities providing private fee-to-hunt access. Five Central Flyway Public Land Hotspots for 2020. Hunting. One buck and the doe were with Archery and the two others were with rifle. Try free! We have been online looking at the Kansas Wildlife website and have kinda narrowed it down to maybe units 7 & 8 or 8 & 14 just because theres more public land in these units. 3 bucks and one doe. April 14, 2013. Kansas Hunting Kansas offers some of the best hunting in the nation. Thanks When I hunt public land, it is usually around reservoirs. Florida is a state full of hunting opportunities. Please feel free to share Kansas Hunting Leases and Kansas Hunts here. Has anyone had any experience with hunting Kansas public land? Incorporating those guiding principles, hunting on public lands does not pose a threat to the wildlife populations and helps with sound management of wildlife. 1. Also other types of recreation maps. On my way across Kansas from Kiowa to Great Bend, I stopped at the First Presbyterian Church of Pratt for the morning service. 0 Comment. Public lands in much of America are surrounded by development or human activity in various forms, and as such, need to … Kansas has 300,000 acres of public lands and more than 1 million acres of private land seasonally open to hunters. This area is prone to flooding in the fall, creating temporary islands where big bucks like to hide out. Hunting Atlas Fishing Locations Kdwpt Info. Just North of Mound City, KS with HWY 7 access makes for another awesome Linn County hunting lease. 4,000 thousand acres have also been licensed to the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism for management as a waterfowl refuge. MRAP Areas MRAP lands are privately owned properties that the landowner has allowed walk-in public access for a variety of activities, including hunting. Good public hunting land, however, may be more difficult to find with a sufficient number of animals and minimal hunting pressure. Some farmers lease land and offer guided or unguided hunts for prairie dogs on their properties. Roadside Hotspots. A smart hunter concentrates on the left over 10 percent. Public Kansas Duck Hunting – Kansas is one of the few amazing states that offers plenty of public hunting opportunities. This area in Southeast Kansas is some of the most attractive hunting ground in the county with just the right amount of cover and some impressive row crop nearby. North central Kansas is covered up in deer, so there are quite a few tags (better draw chances) for those units (I think). Hunts can be anything from spot & stalk to sitting in a ground blind to call in those thunder chickens. Some of the land is state owned (or at least maintained/managed) and some of it falls under the jurisdiction of the Corps of Engineers for flood control. There are some public areas for hunting. Call 800-528-2489 for your free guide. Lived in Kansas City for three seasons 2011-2013 and harvested 4 deer in the 3 years, all off public land, all within 10 miles of my doorstep ( NE Kansas City). We have been hunting Illinois public for about 3 years now and it is ok but just ready for something new. Hi Welcome to the Kansas Hunting Lease Community. Land Manager: Doug Todd – Home: (678) 378-8637 Head southbound on GA-5 At traffic circle, take the second exit and stay on GA-5 South At 2nd traffic circle (in Whitesburg), take the 3 exit – US-27 Alt South Turn right onto Wagers Mill Rd. The majority of this acreage is located at the upper end of the lake along the Smoky Hill River. This scenario is the norm in Kansas if hunting state managed public lands. Just take a look at the public land and walk-in counts in the above regional reports, and add another 114,000 or so acres in the Osage Cuestas, for over 1.5 million publicly accessible acres. More Open Country. Was wondering how the public land hunting in Kansas is for pheasant and quail? Just looking at a possible hunt there one day. The Corps of Engineers manages approximately 11,000 acres of land open to Public Hunting. Sort by price, acreage, hunting game and more. The key? Kansas campgrounds and RV parks on public lands. Morris Co, KS. Waterfowl hunting opportunities in the Central Flyway rival those found anywhere in North America, as millions of migrating waterfowl funnel through the region each fall. High resolution topographic maps and Google Map aerials. Continue onto Summers McKoy Rd. For some, public lands are the only chance to harvest the elusive and witty cock pheasant. Get a Walk-In Hunting Atlas, which shows you all of the private farms and ranches you can hunt. Maps are displayed by Gmap4. KS Wildlife Areas. It also appears to be a common trend in many states across the country. Latest. The Life and Times of the Savage Model 99, One of America’s Greatest Lever-Action Rifles. Everything you need to plan your Kansas hunting trips for 2019. "Nonresident waterfowl hunters who wish to hunt ducks in South Dakota must apply for a limited number of permits chosen by lottery prior to the season. With over 5 million acres of public ground designated as wildlife management areas (WMA), there is plenty of public hunting land available in Florida. "The hunting on our public areas is especially good after a strong breeding season," Murano says. KANSAS, THIS IS ANOTHER GREAT HUNTING LEASE NETWORK PROPERTY! To re-establish Kansas’ long history, Kansas kicked off the WIHA or walk-in hunting access program in 1995. Many of those opportunities can be found on public land, including the following five Central Flyway waterfowl hunting hotpots. This is national forests, blm, army corps, and national parks in Kansas. Locating Quality Public Land When starting from scratch while looking for public land, there are a few specific things I like to keep in mind. The first may seem obvious, but I want to avoid public lands that are too close to populated areas. For bowhunters in search of a do-it-yourself hunting adventure, late-season archery hunts are great opportunities often overlooked by other hunters.… Read More >>> The Rut’s Top 10 … View these interactive public hunting maps with the browser in your iPhone, iPad, Android phone, or other mobile device. Kansas holds strong public hunting opportunities, similar to South Dakota. Most of the hunting pressure is on 90 percent of the land. Learning from Failure and Overcoming Obstacles on Public Land in Kansas. of Wildlife, Parks, & Tourism. Find Kansas hunting land for sale using our our interactive search feature. While Kansas offers a number of state- and federally owned public hunting areas for freelance bird hunters, the real draw in terms of public access is 1.2 million acres of private property enrolled in the state’s Walk-In Hunting Access (WIHA) program. Hunting. Kansas Public Hunting Land Google Earth. A 204-inch Iowa Bow Buck For The Ages. Find public and private hunting land in Kansas with onX the #1 hunting GPS and map app. When you look at a pressured public property, you have to wonder how mature bucks survive there. Below is a list of the best overlooked hotspots that produced my best public land bucks. How to Soap-Tan a Rabbit Hide. Turn right onto Handy Rd. Also, 7,684-acre Marais des Cygnes Wildlife Area to the southeast is a public-land … In less than 10 years the … Kansas offers various hunting opportunities for the majority of game species. Excellent recreational property in the Flint Hills with a fully stocked 12-acre lake providing quality waterfowl hunting and fishing. Nearly 1.2 million acres of public Walk-In Hunting Areas (WIHA) are available, with CRP fields comprising of a large percentage of those acres. It was an unusual start to what would prove to be a hunting trip full of firsts. Still I have only scratched the surface of what a public-land upland hunter can do there. WIHA & Zone Maps, landowner boundaries, aerial and topo. Hunting. I have no experience with Kansas except for driving across the state in the middle of the night. In northeastern Kansas, Tuttle Creek's 12,000 acres of walk-in hunting provide plenty of room to find mature whitetails. Guns. 2013 - Online public hunting maps and public hunting areas. By Tony Hansen. Access district and public hunting land maps, learn about licenses and regulations and more. Some hunting outfitters and landowners offer meals and accommodations as part of a hunting package. Public Land: Hunting and Fishing in Arkansas. The strong upland numbers and hunting availabilities give … For others, public lands provide a nice change of pace from privately owned honey-holes or game preserves. We normally hunt Kansas on opening weekend and it is a madhouse, this year we are traveling and hunting the first weekend of December on both public and private land. This map source includes coverage for all 104 wildlife areas in Kansas and is based on the official boundaries published by the Kansas Dept. View these public hunting area maps using most browsers on most devices from smartphones … Links Public hunting fishing lands wilson northwest wildlife areas cross timbers wma midwest whitetail kansas hunting maps onx hunt chip for state interactive maps apt. Here is 4 Tactics to Increase Public Land Pheasant Hunting Success. A list of the conservation areas that allow deer hunting. I expect to see a lot fewer hunters in the fields but the birds should be a lot smarter also. Kansas’ Walk-in Hunting Area program, which is supported by the NWTF, leases about 160,000 acres of private land for public access during spring turkey season. Kansas turkey hunting prices are based upon 3 days of turkey hunting, 4 nights of lodging, & expecting the turkey hunter to kill two mature Tom Rio Grande turkeys. By Hilman Rojak | January 20, 2017.