This decision should be based on who is most capable of assessing the applicant's performance according to the behavioural evidence provided and the job requirements. Applicants should be able to discuss any information pertaining to their candidacy that would help them understand the decision to eliminate them. Is this a good time for you? To minimize the leniency effect and the "halo" bias, ask the referee to comment on the applicant's developmental needs for each competency. So here we are "Early next week", and still no news...I really want the job, and I wonder if the fact that I met with important players in the company and the fact that they checked my references mean anything? Based on this information, provide a brief description of the duties and responsibilities of the target position before raising the points below. You do realize that here are 100s of applicants applying each week? Typically, an employer will check the reference of the final candidate before an offer is made. Why do employers ask for references … This consistency will achieve two goals. Maintain a non-defensive and non-confrontational manner throughout the discussion. Preliminary questions. Assessors need to be aware that they might be so impressed by an applicant on one qualification that they may falsely attribute positive qualities for all other criteria regardless of the evidence provided. Reference checking is usually conducted in the final stages of an assessment process, after the applicant pool has been narrowed to a handful of individuals. The wait can be awful and I really started to doubt I had the job during the final week waiting but when you least expect it the phone call will come! Included in the Guide are six main sections covering the nature of the structured reference check and guidelines for each step in the process, from preparation and planning through to evaluation and applicant feedback. It is important to note the difference between a rating of "1" and "Unable to Observe", namely that a "1" is given when an applicant has had opportunities to demonstrate a given competency but did not do so in those circumstances, while "Unable to Observe" applies when the referee's contact with the applicant did not allow them to observe that aspect of the applicant's behaviour. A qualified reference checker, in contrast, is expected to have an understanding of the position and the required competencies in order to offer a neutral perspective and should be experienced in collecting behavioural evidence. Generally, the reference check interview starts with a series of open-ended questions followed by questions designed to verify applicant qualifications, then a more in-depth competency assessment. You should never call a referee out of the blue. That's why I would rather just know than wait around. HR may or may not inform an applicant that the position has been filled. Although legal challenges may arise from the reference checking process, they are usually the result of poor practices such as discussing prohibited topics. Often, a general probing question such as "Can you tell me more about that?" In summary, getting a job offer after a reference check can be considered a last step in the overall hiring process. Referees may be reluctant to provide information about a former employee. Assessment errors occur when an assessor's evaluation is influenced by something other than the behavioural evidence provided by the referee. A Reference Checking Form is typically comprised of four main types of questions that are designed for different purposes. Two even three weeks is not a long time to wait. be open and candid in communicating relevant information. The reference check typically begins with a series of open-ended questions to help the reference checker gain a clear understanding of the referee's working relationship with the applicant, as well as the applicant's strengths and areas for development. I know this because I'm involved with interviewing for my facility. This standardized approach improves the accuracy of judgements made by assessors and helps in later comparisons among applicants., INC, 7900 International Drive #300, Bloomington MN 55425 Below are a few general steps that hiring officials can take to enhance the legal defensibility of the reference check and obtain more useful information about the applicant: An effective reference check requires some planning and preparation by HR practitioners and managers before the first referee is contacted. Clients and co-workers. The objective is to identify commonalities and discrepancies in the behavioural evidence provided. Anonymous. What should the Reference Checking Form include? state that there may be some silent periods, but not to worry, as you are trying to write verbatim notes and are still attentive. Do companies check references anymore? There is no legal impediment to asking prospective candidates to provide the names of referees and permission to contact them. Here are some tips to keep in mind when providing such feedback. The breadth of this assessment will vary depending on the purpose of the reference check. I guess I will assume if I don't get contacted in 2 weeks that I did not get the job. No one mentioned that during my four interviews. Ultimately, the available resources and the purpose of the reference check will determine its placement in the overall appointment process.