Additional Requirement: You must be competent in using the HP 12C for financial calculations, students are encouraged to review “Understanding your Financial Calculator” also from Kaplan prior to starting the class. Integrate biblical principles within the field of money and finances. Students are encouraged to keep and/or download a local copy of their assignment files, as. You need the 4thedition:, Analyze personal financial situations, evaluating clients’ objectives, needs, and values to develop an appropriate strategy within the financial plan. This course will help students to understand how to rationally think through these choices and make wise decisions. Please, 365340: Personal Financial Planning Capstone. Jay Caslow, 614-562-6462 Jay can offer a discount. Your position as a trusted adviser in tax, retirement, estate, risk management, and investment planning is … Topics covered include career planning, budgeting, use of credit, insurance, investments, retirement planning, and income tax planning. For information regarding prerequisites for this course, please refer to the Academic Course Catalog. These principles irrevocably align Liberty University’s operational procedures with the long tradition of university culture, which remains distinctively Christian, designed to preserve and advance truth. Personal finance skills are useful throughout one’s life. Each quiz covers the information and financial problems presented in the module/week. The first part of the course provides a review of the financial planning CFP Board topics, including ethics and principles of communication and counseling. This course may also be taken by individuals who plan to sit for the CFP® Examination on a “challenge status” (e.g., CPA®, JD, CFA®, ChFC, CLU). Regular attendance in online courses is expected throughout the length of the term. Students wishing to withdraw from courses after the official start date should familiarize themselves with the withdrawal policy. View the University’s full Policy on Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence at Classes also review/apply the process and techniques for preparing and presenting a financial plan in an environment of non-liability. Description. More information regarding the attendance policy can be found in the Academic Course Catalogs. Assignments must be turned in by the due date. The course uses the life-cycle approach and emphasizes financial planning for each phase of life. illness). Learn how to process and analyze information, cons… Course Assignments, including discussion boards, exams, and other graded assignments, should be submitted on time. So, whether you are looking for a career in financial planning or just looking to plan your own financial … Compare various consumer buying habits. This capstone course bridges academic coursework with actual practice management, introducing students to the skills and tools needed for developing a comprehensive financial plan for a client. ACCT110 Personal Financial Planning Department of Business and Innovation: Accounting I. BA218_ZP SYLLABUS_FALL 2016 Page 1 of 8 BA 218: PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLANNING (CRN 23714) Three Credits / Meets T/R 9:00 a.m. to 10:20 a.m. / MKH - 203 Linn-Benton Community College – … Budgets, borrowing funds, stock ownership, savings, real estate as investments, and related tax matters are among the topics covered. For complete information see:, Your instructor may post the interim grade Incomplete/I if at the end of the class your overall work is of passing quality but a portion could not be submitted for understandable reasons (e.g. : Sections 14.1–14.4, 15.1–15.6. Liberty University comprises a network of students, Alumni, faculty, staff and supporters that together form a Christian community based upon the truth of the Bible. Students who wish to re-engage in the course are encouraged to contact Academic Advising to discuss their enrollment options. Topics include financial security for the family, budgeting, use of credit, home ownership, financial … PERSONAL FINANCE SYLLABUS Name of Course: Personal Finance Number of Course: FIN 369, Section 022 Semester: Spring 2012 Instructor: Banker Phares E-Mail of Instructor: … : Sections 1.4, 4.1–4.4, Billingsley et al. Such accommodations require appropriate documentation of your condition. While we acknowledge that some may disagree with various elements of the Code of Honor, we maintain the expectation that our students will commit to respect and uphold the Code while enrolled at Liberty University. However a C is sufficient for those taking it to sit for the CFP exam on a challenge basis.