The purpose of this course is to help you become a better decision maker. 2.30pm: My SMU Masters Experience - Alumni Panel Sharing + Q&A Moderated by Ivan Low, Head, Marketing & Outreach. Optimization models will be used to tackle problems in inventory management, revenue management, supply chain management, forecasting and new product development. Accounting Accounting is the language of business. In addition to learning traditional marketing analysis techniques, this course reviews collaborative filtering, linear discriminant analysis, topic modeling, and principal components analysis, among others. " The world needs legal professionals who master business. With experiential learning, MSBA students will work companies to build queries and dashboards and communicate business insights using real data. Database Design for Business Applications (2 credits) Who immigrates to Nova Scotia, who stays, leaves, and why is the focus of a recently released report from Dr. Ather Akbari, a professor with Saint Mary’s University’s Sobey School of Business. The objective of this course is to make students familiar with the design and application of modern database applications. Decision analysis techniques such as decision trees, payoff and opportunity cost tables and Bayesian revision will address modeling tools for decision making when faced with significant uncertainties. A state-of-the-art campus on the doorstep of Singapore’s bustling CBD and lively arts and heritage precinct, with unrivalled connectivity to transport, amenities and infrastructure. Gain the knowledge, skills & expertise needed to thrive in an increasingly complex business environment. These analyses are based on metrics related to business decisions. This entails successfully analyzing the high-level requirements for business analytics, prioritizing and outlining solutions, proposing business process improvements to generate the requisite data, and making the business case. International students are required to attend both the MSBA Orientation as well as the International Orientation. Singapore Management University A widely international and multicultural student population delivers a diverse network of connections and experiences. Business Intelligence (2 credits) Research for Marketing Decisions (2 credits) Competent project leadership requires understanding of how to allocate financial, material and time-based resources, and the ability to motivate and maintain focus of the project team. Our in-depth knowledge, relevant research and expertise on Asia’s rapid economic development and challenges, provide for a dynamic academic experience and engagement at the highest levels. With choices ranging from big data to retailing analytics, consumer behavior to database marketing, you’ll craft a track that ladders up to the career you want: business analytics, process optimization, decision modeling, data science, marketing strategy — wherever your knack for problem-solving takes you. Additional modeling techniques covered include multiple objective, nonlinear and non-smooth constrained optimization. My studies, experience, and network with SMU has opened for me a whole new world of opportunity. At least four of your courses in the MSBA program are electives. Asia is the largest and most diversified continent in the world. The following is a list of possible electives in the program. The objective of this course is to prepare you to serve as a functioning technical member of a Big Data team. At Cox, you can customize your degree to suit your goals. Instead of relying on mathematic models or academic theories, the class is organized in a “workshop” format with a combination of case studies, discussions, student presentations, and exercises illustrating and applying the main concepts. This course provides an overview of statistical methodologies and applications, It includes probability applications, hypothesis testing, simple and multiple regression analysis, sampling, quality control, and forecasting. Drawing from thought leadership in the ambits of data analytics, technological platforms and business strategies, the Master of IT in Business (MITB) programme delves into 3 specialisation tracks to choose from – Analytics, Financial Technology & Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence. Models will be created and solved using tools available for Excel. Having spent the first part of my career in healthcare, I had hoped to be able to bridge the two worlds in a bid to better understand the economic nuances of the healthcare market in Singapore. Students will receive 4 credit hours for this course. Operations Analytics (2 credits) The SMU MBA is designed to shape you into a versatile and dynamic leader that businesses need. Tel: +65 6828 0882. This class will teach you the most important “soft skills” that will help you to become, and stay, a successful businessperson. ... Singapore Management University, 80 Stamford Road Singapore 178902. mitb [at] (subject: MITB%20Enquiry) (Send us a message) Join us at the upcoming events. Through the interactions with classmates from a myriad of backgrounds and nationalities, learning became more than just about books and notes. SMU Cox offers a full portfolio of MBA and Specialized Master’s degrees to help you achieve your professional goals. In a final group presentation to company leaders, you will draw customer insights from your analysis and propose strategic and tactical recommendations for profitable growth. Only domestic students are eligible for this program. Join us at the upcoming events. This course takes place in every Module over the time frame of the program. Prior to the start of classes, students will be required to attend the following: MSBA Orientation - This is mandatory for ALL students! We will do so using insights from behavioral sciences (such as psychology, behavioral economics, consumer and organizational behavior). Please view the list below to see our full list of available programs, including contact information for your program's specific admissions office. A community where professors know students by name and help them create powerful networks. This course introduces some of the models and methods used in the developing field of revenue management (RM). Home » Programmes » Postgraduate Programmes » Master of IT in Business. Applied statistics and experimental design are foundational pillars of the discipline. The MITB programme has immediately rewarded me with a promising role in a darling tech classified company in the Philippines. To make sound business decisions, managers need insights about their customers, their own company, and that of their competitors. Such insights form the basis of making sound marketing decisions related to product, price, place and promotions. International students can arrive up to 1 month before the start date of classes. School of Law Juris Doctor Programme; Master of Laws. The broad and intensive curriculum across a range of management disciplines and functions explores the latest methods of translating data into relevant information for decision-makers. View SMU Master of IT in Business’ profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Join this panel sharing by our alumni and learn how the SMU Masters experience has impacted their careers and personal development. How do marketing actions affect brand awareness or sales revenue? Emphasis is laced on quantitative and qualitative analytical approaches to inferring insights. Through the project, you will design the research, collect customer data, and analyze the data using statistical methods relevant to your research problem. In addition to the required courses, students will take 4 electives during the program. We live where we learn. We'll balance lecture and discussion with some in-class lab work which will give you a foundational understanding of these technologies. Managerial Statistics (2 credits) Integrates lecture, discussion, and case analysis, with a focus on student case presentations. If students perform well in the first semester, it is also possible to take 2 additional electives (a total of 6) during the program. The objective of this course is to expose students to a variety of preference models used by brand managers and marketing analysts and to give students hands-on experience in using conjoint and choice modeling techniques. Managing Big Data - Managerial (2 credits) Such insights are obtained through appropriate analysis of data. Master the world of economics and economic data. SIS runs SMU’s largest postgraduate programme, the Master of IT in Business degree, with specialisations in Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Financial Technology & Analytics. Managerial Decision Making (2 credits) Additional modeling techniques topic such as Analytical Hierarchy Process and Dynamic programming will be covered. Metrics and Analytics for Business Decisions (2 credits) It is held the first week in August for 2 days. Most modules are conducted in a way where every student can maximise their participation in class, making learning exciting and fruitful. Meet your career challenges head-on by mining the expertise of the nation's top business leaders. It provided an excellent education on the practice of law and was perfect preparation for life first as a Justices' Law Clerk and now as a lawyer in private practice. The purpose of this course is to help students understand how complex business problems can be represented mathematically and analyzed. SMU has a variety of Ph.D programs within its several colleges, including Dedman College of Humanities and Science, Lyle School of Engineering, Perkins School of Theology, and more. The best way to gain leadership experience and confidence is by connecting with people in leadership positions and immersing yourself in real world business environments. This unique program draws nationally renowned faculty from two departments —Information Technology and Operations Management, and Marketing — reflecting the hybrid nature of the discipline. These programs help students to pursue … SMU has 1 job listed on their profile. One factor that differentiates MPA is the quality of the lecturers and students. Students start with the theoretical foundations of database design (ERD, normalization) and then move on to hands-on knowledge of actually managing/administering a MySQL database, one of the most popular open-source databases in the world. SMU Online now offers online master’s degrees in a wide variety of subjects including Data Science, Cybersecurity, Business Administration, Network Engineering and Computer Science with AI Specialization. Ms. Patricia Lui is currently a full-time lecturer of marketing at the Lee Kong Chian School of Business in the Singapore Management University. It enables them to build a sound knowledge of the fundamentals of management based on the foundations of past educational accomplishments. Business Analytics Capstone Internship (4 credits) This course focuses on methods to analyze user generated content on the web and social media (e.g., clickstreams on an e-commerce portal, forum discussions, reviews in online marketplaces and, likes, comments and shares on social networks, etc.). In this class, you will learn about the Business Intelligence technologies that you can expect to employ as a Business Analyst, especially deep SQL skills. After taking this course, students will be able to setup and access MySQL database with SQL, R and Python; create conceptual (Entity Relationship Diagram - ERD) and logical database design; and create interactive Shiny applications that connect with database. The complete SMU postgraduate experience helps develop students into the business, community and government leaders of the future. You will learn how to analyse large amounts of data and uncover patterns and insights that will give your … The group brainstorming sessions has helped me break out of my comfort zone and learn to work effectively as a team. This course demonstrates how firms can use primary and secondary data to gain insights about the product market and its customers and competitors. Administration Building Attention will be paid to how various types of models are formulated and solved using Simplex, GRG and Evolutionary solvers available in Excel. The SMU Master of Science in Applied Finance (MAF) provides a strong foundation in the principles, practices and operations of international and domestic financial markets focusing on applying updated and relevant knowledge in real-world situations. Acquire the tools for understanding the micro- and macroeconomic consequences of human motives, incentives, policy and institutions. Its unique curriculum raises the level of analytical skills as well as negotiation, leadership and communication skills – assets much desired by employers. She completed her Ph.D. in Marketing in 2012 at the University of Western Australia. Attention will be paid to how decision models should be created and maintained in spreadsheets to reduce the probability of formulation errors and increase managerial value. Managing projects in a cost effective and timely manner is one of the most challenging tasks in any organization. What are the most effective channels of distribution? text mining) and association rules. The curriculum also prepares students to pursue the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Recently, conjoint and choice models have become popular techniques to help marketing managers understand what customers value in terms of the importance placed on specific product features and services. Master of Business Administration (MBA) The SMU MBA focuses on training Asia’s next generation of business leaders who can think, decide and act in a complex environment. This course focuses on core concepts in the adoption of Big Data technologies by modern enterprises. The professors in the programme were impeccable and a testament to the standing of the programme and SMU. While coursework and academic studies are the major components of a student’s development, another component integral to the SMU postgraduate experience is the Professional Development Series. We use tools such as Google Analytics, R, Python, Tensor Flow and NodeXL to analyze such data and gain insights into design, pricing, marketing and delivery of products in the new economy. Applications will be drawn from a wide range of business settings, such as new product forecasting, modeling customer retention and lifetime value, and market segmentation. International Orientation - This is mandatory for International Students Includes product market structure, category management, product life cycle and product line strategy, brand equity, brand growth strategies, and financial valuation of brands. Many international companies worldwide need people with experience in the Asian market, who are in tune with Asian cultures. We closely look at how people make product-related decisions and the information used to make those decisions. The Cox School of Business Full-Time MSBA is a 9-month, 33 credit hour, two semester* (four, 7-week Modules) degree. These facts highlight the importance of retailer behavior and trade promotions in consumer marketing. For any candidate who plan to learn law from a business perspective and learn business from a legal perspective, SMU LL.M. I have learnt to appreciate the interconnectedness of markets, the nuances in policy making as well as gaining the ability to appraise the state of the economy in a way I was not capable of before the programme. Choose a specialty in Business Process Analytics or Customer Analytics. An innovative learning culture influences the way the world does business. Revenue Management (2 credits) This course takes the retailer’s point of view, exploring strategic and tactical decision-making by assessing the impact of these decisions on both consumer shopping behavior and the retailer’s own operating costs. Singapore Management University Lee Kong Chian School of Business Graduate Programmes Office, Level 4 50 Stamford Road, Singapore 178899. This course examines these marketing decisions using a combination of lectures, cases and exercises. Customer Insights and Market Intelligence (2 credits) There are 2 bootcamps that will be held in August that are required for all Students. © Cox School of Business Southern Methodist University, PO Box 750333 Dallas, Texas 75275-0333 214-768-2000. The course is very intense and demanding. By the end of the semester, you’ll have a solid grasp of the system development life cycle — plus a deeper professional network.